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Photo credit: Colin Keldie, courtesy of SATE project

Leading the next generation
of air mail & parcel logistics

Windracers is proud to announce an ambitious partnership with Royal Mail Group to develop a new un-crewed drone service to deliver mail and parcels to remote locations across the UK.

Connecting remote communities with the things that matter.

The new partnership between Windracers and Royal Mail Group will focus on simplifying air mail and parcel delivery to remote locations which have traditionally been difficult to operate cost effectively and efficiently.

Using drones to address this issue represents a major innovation in middle mile logistics and is an exciting step forward for air mail and parcel delivery.

Photo credit: Colin Keldie, courtesy of SATE project

“On time delivery regardless of our customers location or the weather, whilst protecting our environment is our goal. Even though we go everywhere, Royal Mail already has the lowest CO2emissions per parcel delivered, this initiative will help reduce our emissions even further.”

Simon Thompson, Chief Executive Officer at Royal Mail

The partnership will facilitate and operate un-crewed drones to service mail and parcel delivery via existing Royal Mail routes to remote island communities.

The initial routes identified for the new service include the Shetland Islands, Orkneys, the Hebrides and Isles of Scilly. Flights have begun with a service trial from Lerwick to Unst in the Shetland Islands in April 2022.

Eight initial drone routes will be established this year. Over the next three years, the aim is to secure more than 50 further routes supported by up to 200 drones.

Longer term, the ambition is a fleet of more than 500 drones servicing all corners of the UK and beyond.

We have the ambition to grow to

50+ routes
by 2025

“The middle mile of supply and logistics, especially to remote locations, has long been overlooked by the industry and is ripe for innovation. We've spent the last five years focused on developing the most commercially viable essential logistics drones so we're truly delighted to be working with Royal Mail on this ambitious and pioneering deployment of autonomous aircraft. It puts the UK firmly at the forefront of this exciting sector.”

Stephen Wright, Chairman at Windracers Group

Essential Air Mail
& Parcel Delivery Drones

Leading the next generation of essential logistics

Building on the history and tradition of aviation innovation in the UK for the 22nd Century.

Our drones provide the capability to deliver essential air mail and parcel logistics to the people and places that need them, on time, every time, anywhere.

Simplifying middle mile air mail & parcel delivery

Local mail distribution to remote places, sometimes called the middle mile, has long been overlooked by the mail delivery and logistics industry.

Operating “long thin” routes such as these, to remote or island communities point to point, has always been challenging and complicated. This results in slow and infrequent deliveries that are expensive to operate profitably.

The rising importance of middle mile logistics

Middle mile air mail & parcel delivery to remote destinations has traditionally been expensive and complicated, with a reliance on third parties such as specialist logistics partners, airlines or passenger ferries which can be slow, unreliable and much more expensive.

Middle mile
The middle mile to remote destinations is complex, expensive and ready for innovation through drone automation.

Delivering Essential Logistics

  • More cost effective and reliable when moving essential air mail and parcels, without compromising on safety and reliability.
  • Simplifies and reduces all existing logistical touchpoints through our point to point cargo drone solution.
  • A more sustainable alternative to manned aviation, with a 30% reduction in carbon emissions on a per kg per 100km basis.
  • Logistical support with a payload size and flight distance to make a difference to the people who need mail and parcels most.