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ULTRA – Air Vehicle

Capable of carrying a payload of

100kg up
to 1,000km

The ULTRA (Unmanned Low-cost TRAnsport) platform was developed by Windracers in collaboration with a team at Southampton University, in response to the need for a new type of light cargo drone.

Our vision was to develop a robust and cost-effective drone capable of addressing the challenging logistics problems associated with delivering essential airmail and parcels efficiently to people who needed them in a timely fashion.

ULTRA is capable of carrying a payload of 100kg up to 1000km and is designed in line with our Zero Single Point of Failure philosophy to rigorously eliminate all risk including avionics, communications and ground control.

Key features

1 Nominal range 1000km (options available for longer range)
2 Nominal payload 100kg (options available for higher payload)
3 Internal payload 700L volume
4 Take off and landing 150m
5 Structural materials 95% aluminium
6 Control units 6 independent actuator/control units
7 Engine 2 four stroke EFI engines
(Capable of running on bioethanol and synthetic fuels)
8 CO2 output 30% less CO2 output per kg of payload
(compared to a comparable manned aircraft)
9 Precision airdrop 10m x 10m

Autopilot by Distributed Avionics

The challenge facing the Windracers design team was to find affordable but nevertheless extremely robust flight control solution that adheres to our rigorous design philosophy. There was no technology in the market that lived up to our standards, so we established a new company to design and build our own autopilot system.

Masterless™ is an entirely new architecture that has been developed and patented by our sister company Distributed Avionics, in response to this challenge, providing best in class autopilot technology for drones in the world. For more information visit Distributed Avionics.

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